Call with the Minister of State for International Trade, the Rt Hon Conor Burns MP

At the Minister’s request, the Network’s Chairman Warwick Morris and Vice-Chairman Paul Smith, called on the Minister of State for International Trade, the Rt Hon Conor Burns MP, on 25th February 2020. The purpose was to acquaint the Minister with the role and aims of the Network, to seek his general support for our work and to discuss the growing links between the UK and Vietnam.
Warwick described the rationale behind the establishment of the Network in 2013, its wide-ranging approach to strengthening the bilateral relationship, and the kind of activities it organises or involves itself in, including supporting important visits. He underlined the VUKN’s backing for the two governments’ Strategic Partnership, to which we try to provide add-on value across a range of fields, including education and creative industries. Paul highlighted some key areas where Vietnam-UK business is really taking off, and especially underlined the export opportunity for the UK to significantly impact on Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 strategic economic policy.
For his part the Minister welcomed the role and activities of the Network, recognised that the bilateral relationship was going from strength to strength, spoke warmly of his visit to Vietnam last autumn, and assured the Network of his support for its activities.