Meeting with recently returned Chevening’s scholars


A real buzz this evening getting together with the new cohort of Chevening’s scholars who just returned home having completed their Chevening’s programmes in the UK, 2023. From wildlife conservation to teaching children with special needs, arts, new technologies, medical research, renewable energy and more, these young talents are joining the strong force of over 500 Chevening’s scholars in Vietnam across all regions continuing bringing together new ideas, projects and changes to the thriving landscape of Vietnam.

As much as it being an academic journey, their time spent in the UK under the Chevening’s programme was also a precious and unique journey of personal growth, social integration, friendship and adventures. Wonderful and touching to hear how the experience has shaped each member of the cohort and how they have come together to support each other, to learn and to grow. The Vietnam’s club of Chevening’s scholars continue to be a strong base of the UK in Vietnam playing an important part in facilitating many activities and initiatives to further the bilateral relations between the two countries over the years, as well as supporting each other in their journeys and helping develop the other home-grown talents.

Huge credits to such a dynamic, fun and effective team at the British Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City who have worked hard to support the Chevening programme and to bring this event together, a real pleasure to meet and speak to many of you this evening. Thanks to Ms Emily Hamblin British Consul General for hosting the event.

Attended by Bao Ha Pham, Vice Chair.